Trying Out: Zucchini, Mushroom, AND Bacon Fritatta


Zucchini, Mushroom, AND Bacon Fritatta : not so little tummy style

When we first make this blog, we commit to ourselves, we gonna learn to cook, we gonna learn to cook something new, even it’s something we never had before.

So here it is,

Zucchini, Mushroom, AND Bacon Fritatta

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Trying Out : Zucchini Pasta “Alfredo”

Zucchini Pasta "Alfredo" : not-so-little-tummy-style

Zucchini Pasta “Alfredo” : not-so-little-tummy-style

So this isย our first post on trying recipes on the internet. And this time we will try to make “Zucchini Pasta “Alfredo””.

Admittedly, this is not the first time we try recipes online. But this is the first time we blog it, so it counts for something right?

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