Trying Out: Mashed (not) Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Milk, Bacon, and Cilantro


Mashed potatoes with coconut milk, bacon, and cilantro : not-so-little-tummy-style

Sarah Speaking here!

I have love and hate relationship with carbs. Well, i’m a carbs lover, since we (me and Dina) live in Indonesia, there is no way we can hide ourselves from simple carbs.

Our national staple food is white rice! But i notice, when i eat white rice 3 times a day, i will gain 1 kilo the very next day! and if i eat white rice 3 times a day for 30 days, well, you do the math.

Therefore since I’m on diet, I try to stop eating carbs.

When i said try to stop well.. It means none, NADAAA.. CLEAN! And I miss it so bad and decide it’s time for a cheat day!

To be said, eventhough i want to make it my “cheat”, i certainly want a healthy one. And of course, I drag Dina to it! And continue to make this post!

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Trying Out : Zucchini Pasta “Alfredo”

Zucchini Pasta "Alfredo" : not-so-little-tummy-style

Zucchini Pasta “Alfredo” : not-so-little-tummy-style

So this is our first post on trying recipes on the internet. And this time we will try to make “Zucchini Pasta “Alfredo””.

Admittedly, this is not the first time we try recipes online. But this is the first time we blog it, so it counts for something right?

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