Hi fellow not so little tummy,

This is us, Sarah & Ferdina,and this blog is our cooking journal. So we want to keep our “failure” and success well documented, and we will be honest when we write about it.

Before starting anything, we just want to make it clear that; we are not professional chef, most likely noobs with cooking experience of instant noodle and boiling water.

So whatever our opinion that we state here, is like really, our honest opinion, which based on nothing. Not experience, not our taste buds (since every country have their own taste, and ours is Indonesian, so it is very savory and rich in spices), and definitely not in a professional way. Nuh-Uh.

We cannot guarantee that our opinion will held if others decide to make the same recipe for us, or when we made the same recipe for the second time. So it could be wavered.

Finally, we definitely did not try to trash talk anyone about their recipe. We tried to do as directed, but most likely have accidents in the middle of it, and the end result might be a little catastrophic. It was all our fault, not the recipes.


Sarah & Ferdina.


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