Trying Out : Sauteed Spinach and Mushrooms


Sauteed Spinach and Mushrooms : not so little tummy style

Sauteed spinach and Mushrooms, when we first look at the recipe, with the grand total of 6 ingredients that was easy to get in Indonesia and easy intructions, we already got hooked.

Source recipe :

Martha Stewart


What we think about the recipe:

Spinach get sauteed, will it get crispy? I hope it gets crispy XD


Spoiler alert !! Instead we got this juicy yumminess~~

What we think about this:


Even though this is called sauteed, I guess what we did is frying the ingredients. And after a couple of minutes, we look at it, AND there is water everywhere.Even if we didn’t use any water… Ā šŸ˜„ and I actually imagined this recipe to be a bit crispy. (Please note, this is where I got my conclusion seeing the picture of the recipe.)

In the end, I think this food is just an ordinary stir fry in Indonesia (which, could consist of almost any ingredients you like and then you fry it with Ā a little oil, add some spices and salt,… Tadaaaa! It’s done!).

My conclusion is thatĀ this recipe is so familiar that I can’t complain, which is good (it’s gone by the end of the day, after all). Not mind blowing though. But it is easy to cook, and the taste is good.

So,Ā to all noobs in cooking–definitely try this recipe. It’s one step ahead instant noodles and boiling water… Healthier too… What can go wrong with this recipe? Nothing, that’s what.


Aside from the taste which is good, the wetness which probably come from our tomato, also make a good clear foolproof instruction for this recipe and our lame photo. I realize one thing, one thing that will make my mom grin after she reading this post. Here is the thing: Never been cooking before definitely take a toll from us, we never know the difference between: saute, pan fry, dry heat, shallow frying, etc.

And also, live in Indonesia, doesn’t help either, because common household in Indonesia call all that techniques as tumisan.

Yep, english speaker have all that fancy name for each techniques, and our mom call all ofĀ them;Ā tumisan, whether you use low heat, no oil, medium heat, or acrobatic chinese wok technique. So in our languageĀ Sauteed Spinach and Mushrooms called Tumis Bayem Jamur, something that we eat almost every single day in our entire life.

So that’s explain why this recipe is not mind blowing, BUT it did bring us back to our childhood Yes mom! I can hear youĀ laughing atĀ the back of my head. Because when the first time, we try this recipe, we try to beat our mom’s cook with something fancy, then we end up making the same exact food our mom make for our entire childhood.

“So you now learn your lesson? You don’t know sh*t! You don’t have to use fancy name from internet, just help me in the kitchen! Chop that onion! Bring me lemongrass! GUUUUURL! THAT’S NOT HOW YOU CHOP ONIONNN!”

“Yes mom”

– Sarah, 25 years old, still learn to cook because she never listen to her mom.

Conclusion :


This recipe taste good, easy to make, everyone can make it, we will make it for ourĀ futureĀ childrenĀ (like daughter, like mother they said). But it does make us Ā wonder about the difference between Indonesia and western cooking technique. And yes, we agree, we still have a lot to learn.

XOXO, Sarah & Ferdina


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