Trying Out: Mashed (not) Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Milk, Bacon, and Cilantro


Mashed potatoes with coconut milk, bacon, and cilantro : not-so-little-tummy-style

Sarah Speaking here!

I have love and hate relationship with carbs. Well, i’m a carbs lover, since we (me and Dina) live in Indonesia, there is no way we can hide ourselves from simple carbs.

Our national staple food is white rice! But i notice, when i eat white rice 3 times a day, i will gain 1 kilo the very next day! and if i eat white rice 3 times a day for 30 days, well, you do the math.

Therefore since I’m on diet, I try to stop eating carbs.

When i said try to stop well.. It means none, NADAAA.. CLEAN! And I miss it so bad and decide it’s time for a cheat day!

To be said, eventhough i want to make it my “cheat”, i certainly want a healthy one. And of course, I drag Dina to it! And continue to make this post!

Source recipe :

From Brazil to You

What we think about the recipe:

my not so little tummy in all crab

Does this mash potatoes look like a side this to you?

Mash potato! Yup, Sarah’s cheat day kind a lame. But seriously, if you stop eating carbs all together you going to miss it!  side dish? Potato puree? Whatever it is, we want it to taste good! Let’s get it on!

How we make it + Accidents :

The reason why we pick  this recipe because we thought it’s going to be easy to get all the ingredients and of course easy to make, right? Right?


Somehow we can’t find sweet potato and using white potato instead, and of course this will altered the end product taste.

What we think about this:


There is this thing that actually similar to this called “perkedel” in Indonesia, I prefer that. I honestly think that the coconut milk actually didn’t match in this one.

And that’s actually saying a lot, considering in Indonesia, it’s like one of the holy grail in food (cough..Padang…cough), like cheese and bacon. I usually think, there is no way, NO WAY, any recipe that dare to add coconut milk in it, will have such an “awkward” taste.

It has an “awkward” taste. Damn it all.

But, I am willing to admit, that’s because we change the sweet potato, to just…. potato… hope we will make this again, only with the right ingredients. Because sweet potato is definitely already  delicious on it’s own, add coconut milk with that will most likely make it taste better.

(And YES, I do think, there is no way, that a recipe that dares to use sweet potato will have strange taste.)


Well.. Umm.. Uh?

I want to start with our disclaimer

“Finally, we definitely did not try to trash talk anyone about their recipe.”

Yup! That’s about it.

Dina said it all. I can’t describe it. It’s so very wrong. I don’t like this. And nope, It’s not because of the recipe! It’s because of the white potato. You know, the not so tasty one in the potato family tree? Roots? Tree? Yeah

And to be fair, I’m going to make it again, this recipe definitely need a second chance, with sweet potato. I guess.

Conclusion :


It’s a fullfilling meal. That’s all we have to say, And this post going to have update in the future, after Sarah find sweet potato, and find another victim to feed.



Sarah & Ferdina


7 thoughts on “Trying Out: Mashed (not) Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Milk, Bacon, and Cilantro

  1. Hi, Sarah! When I saw that you did not use sweet potatoes but regular potatoes, I told myself ” Oh, no!!!”. Coconut milk goes well with very few vegetable roots. Actually, I only know two: Sweet potatoes and cassava or yucca. I hope you try my recipe next time as it is. Regular potatoes and coconut milk together present a very odd taste which I personally dislike!

    I am also a culinary instructor. I made the sweet potatoes recipe for one of my cooking classes and since then, it has been the dish that my students have loved the most. They loved so much that every time that they see me, they talk about the recipe and how they enjoy making it at home.

    I hope you give my recipe another try but this time using the sweet potatoes and chopped bacon. All the seasonings and spices also make a difference. Wishing you a great week!

    • Hi Denise!
      We never thought you going to notice our blog post! Gosh, now i’m excited!

      Yup! As you said, regular potato and coconut milk taste so.. awkward.
      But, don’t worry, me and my friend going to try this using sweet potato, and update this blog post soon.
      Keep making recipe for us to try,

      Thank you for inspired us!

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