Trying Out : Zucchini Pasta “Alfredo”

Zucchini Pasta "Alfredo" : not-so-little-tummy-style

Zucchini Pasta “Alfredo” : not-so-little-tummy-style

So this is our first post on trying recipes on the internet. And this time we will try to make “Zucchini Pasta “Alfredo””.

Admittedly, this is not the first time we try recipes online. But this is the first time we blog it, so it counts for something right?

Source recipe :

Cupcakes OMG!

What we think about the recipe:


Does this look creamy enough? Yumm~~

Well, from first read/sight, our first thought is, “Creamy Salad?”

I don’t know if this need to be noted, but we never tried Zucchini before, because it’s not really that common in Indonesia, but since its look the same as cucumbers, we figured its going to taste  the same, right?

Plus, in Indonesia, avocado is mostly used as desserts (next time, we will give you the recipe to try), not something savory like this one…

So we are willing to experience this recipe to fill out our not so little tummy.

How we make it:

creamy sauces of aucchini pasta alfredo

This creamy sauces basically consist of avocado and coconut milk .

zucchini from pasta alfredo

This zucchini is very fresh and the texture itself is a bit of ‘snappy’ yet smooth at the same time, we love it.

It’s a bit unbelievable, but since we can get our grabby hands to ALL the ingredients (this is a rare occurrence, you will understand if you keep following this blog :P), we didn’t actually cheat on any steps… So just check the link above if you want to try this one.

Accidents :

we buy a non-riped yet avocado…. so it’s a bit harsh to actually scoop them out.

What we think about this:


This is a no-no in my tongue, most probably because it taste bitter. But on second thought, the other tummy (Sarah) said, that it pretty light on the stomach, and if you exclude the bacon, maybe it will be good for dieting. Just need to make sure that the avocado is ripe enough, so it won’t be bitter.

I know the bitter taste is most probably come from the avocado, BUT I got my stink eye on the zucchini as well, since when I nibble it a bit, it taste kind a bitter…

Is it true that zucchini is a bit bitter? if you have experience with one, please tell me… Or was it just us buy not so ripe Zucchini AGAIN?


Hmmm… I’m on my diet. That’s explain a lot why I like this dish.

I don’t think there’s a fault in the recipe. It is simple, easy to make, just cut and blend! Tadaaaaa! Healthy dish! And it’s also  flexible, like Melissa from Cupcakesomg said you can add anything to it, and instead just adding mushroom or maybe something healthy, we add kinoko mushroom and BACON! Hahaha! damn smart move (nope, i know it’s not good for my diet, ohh the irony)

Yes it’s a bit bitter, but I guess it’s because of the avocado, and I love zucchini, crunchy and soft at the same time.  Over all, I’m going to make another batch at home, for my lunch, without any bacon (i guess).

Conclusion :


It’s a very light dish, without any sense of of guilt to it (except if you add bacon like us), Sarah like it, Dina gonna try it again if Sarah make it in the future, and hopefully the next one there will be no accident.



Sarah & Ferdina


6 thoughts on “Trying Out : Zucchini Pasta “Alfredo”

  1. Hi Sarah & Ferdina,

    I actually think that the bitterness comes from the zucchini instead of the avocado. In my (not so long) experience, zucchini can indeed be a bit bitter sometimes, especially if it’s getting too ripe. The trick is, after cutting it, sprinkle salt on them and let them sit on a kitchen towel for a while (15 minute-ish) to let them release moisture. Then dry them (with another kitchen towel or colander) and they’re ready to cook!

    Like your blog, btw, very candid ;).

    • Hi Endang!

      NOTED! Haha..
      This was the very first time we got our hand on a zucchini, no wonder we got a lot of water on our plate after we take a pic..

      Thank you for dropping by 😀

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